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Major hint for this learning to craft web pages: look inside the pages within this web site; here are the details on using most of the commonly-used HTML elements along with the CSS provided styling
Right click on any portion of the page that is NOT an image; select "view source" and examine how the elements are used to create the desired rendered output

Lindhurst High School Web Site

Download the Book's Datafiles, select "data files"

Welcome to HTML, class introduction

Course Syllabus

Web Design textbook; assigned readings

HTML Resources

Sample HTML5 page

Picture Resize

Background Shortcut

Background Properties

HTML5 Elements

HTML5 Element Index

HTML5 Inline Element Index

HTML5 Block Element Index

Web Design Sectioning Elements

HTML5 Grouping Elements

HTML5 Content Models

Box Model Positioning

HTML5 Box Model

HTML5 Box Model Example

HTML5 Box Model Background Example

HTML5 Box Float and Clear

HTML5 Layouts Index

Web Design Reference

HTML5 css

CSS Selectors

Introduction to Color

Introduction to Box Model & CSS

Introduction to Output Device

HTML5 Comprehensive Elements

HTML/CSS Templates

Book's Glossary

Decoding the Book's Instructions

Stacking Z-Index

Introduction to Web Forms

Introduction to Responsive Web Design

Introduction to Mobile Tools

Introduction to HTML5 Canvas

Introduction to HTML5 Video

Introduction to HTML5 Design Patterns

Book's Errata

Completed Tutorials

Programming Reference

Yuba-Sutter River stages

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